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 Housing Type in Toronto

 When you decide to buying a new house, the first question is what type of house do you need or like it. The more common in the real estate market in Toronto now are including detached homes (Bungalow or two storey), semi-detached homes, and condos, the type of house that you chose is depend on many factors. including, location, school, budget ,size of family, year of build , public transportation and.etc Sometime it is difficult to determine what factor is best for you but it is clear there is one major factor for decision for each individual.  However the real estate professionals needs. Consider the following before choosing your ideal housing type:


Detached Homes: The detached home is in depend house that is typically thought of as the real estate ideal. You have it all—privacy, a yard, and space. Unfortunately, detached homes in Toronto are perfect for the established step-up buyer looking for a permanent place to call home. Those looking to buy a detached home get all of the advantages of home ownership but also get all of the responsibilities. Detached land, you can build old style like bungalow or new build two storey.


Bungalow: A bungalow is a low-rise detached home since 1900 and this type of house was popular in Canada after world war in 1940. Traditionally, this housing type does not exceed 1.5 storey’s and comes with all the benefits and responsibilities of a detached home. Great for a variety of buyers including first-time buyers and empty-nesters, this house is particularly popular with those who don’t want the upkeep of maintaining a two-storey home. In terms of price, they cost about the same as a detached home though this can vary depending on size, location, and features. Move into a bungalow for the space and privacy and stay for the easy upkeep!


Semi-Detached Homes:Semi-detached homes are perfect for those that are looking for a reasonably-priced home that offers yard space and a moderate amount of privacy. Semi-detached homes have many of the benefits of detached homes though typically cost less because they share a living space wall with the house next door. Semi-detached houses are a versatile property ideal for a number of buyers including empty-nesters, first-time buyers, and step-up buyers. This housing type is perfect for buyers who are looking for more space and don’t mind sharing a wall with the neighbors.


Link Homes/ Row homes:Link homes are similar to semi-detached homes as they both share a wall with a neighboring house. The main difference is that link homes do not share a living space wall. They are typically attached at a garage or via the basement, offering more privacy than a semi-detached home. Link homes are perfect for those who are looking for the benefits of a detached home and the affordability of a semi-detached home. If privacy, affordability, and space is important to you, consider a link home!


Townhouse:Townhouses are very similar to semi-detached homes except they traditionally share walls on both sides of the house instead of just one. Townhomes can be quite spacious and are often multiple storeys’s as the square footage is distributed vertically instead of horizontally. They offer the same benefits of space and landscape that detached or semi-detached homes offer though they are less private. Townhomes are great for buyers who are looking for a more moderately-priced home and don’t mind stairs and sharing walls with their neighbors’.


Condos/Apt:Condos/Apartments, is another type of housing, that is very comfortable, In the condo market Capital return and investment benefits is not like a land but it is comfortable for living  in the Toronto cold weather right now. Depending on the size and style, they are often the most reasonably-priced and are great for first-time buyers. Condos are typically apartment-style, with common amenities and shared hallways though there are townhouse-style condos available in the city of Toronto. If you’re looking for a reasonably-priced property with little maintenance and many luxury amenities including fitness centers and party rooms, a condo is that home!




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