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Omid helped us to Buy in August 2021

Sayed E MAJEED REVIEWED ON SEPTEMBER 10, 2021 We were first-time homebuyers in Toronto Canada with very little knowledge about how to find the right place. When making such a big decision, I wanted to work with someone that I could trust. I contacted Omid Mostafavi who is an honest man with hands-on his work. He helped us to take the pressure off by sharing, up to date listings, giving us professional advice on each property, and facilitating viewing the shortlisted houses. He closely followed all the criteria and parameters that we had set. Omid walked us through every step in a very professional and friendly manner. He was patient as we were viewing houses over several weeks and cautioned us about making hasty decisions. He helped us to find the right house in the right neighborhood for the right price. He always answered every call or email no matter what time of day or night it was. His professionalism, knowledge, honesty, and hard work ethic are much respected and appreciated. I never felt that Omid was trying to sell me a house, but that he was a professional to answer my questions and help me to make the best decision for my family. I will definitely recommend him and his team... Dr. Majeed Ezatullah

Seyed Ezatullah Majeed

seller and Buyer in September, 2021

Mirela Mileti REVIEWED ON SEPTEMBER 08, 2021 Omid and his team were wonderful to work with. We sold and bought with him for the second time. His professional knowledge and performance won our trust and business. He patiently showed us countless homes till we found the right house for the right price. On top of that, we sold very quickly at a great price. Thank you OMO Team!! Mirela Mileti



Mahdi Feroze REVIEWED ON OCTOBER 29, 2021 We met Mr. Mostafavi by luck when he came to canvass in the neighborhood where we rent. Within 2 days of meeting him, we were looking at places within our budget and within less than 6 weeks we completed our first home purchase. Mr. Mostafavi and Ms. Mojgan from his team were quite patient with me as we navigated the home buying journey together. We would not have even thought about purchasing if we did not meet him. Omid helped us Buy in October 2021


sold in Two days

I had a good connection with real estate agents and lots of salesperson before I met Mr. Mostafavi, One of my friends introduced him to us. Our experience with Mr. Mostafavi was totally different and we got a fantastic result. Due to the market shift and the slowdown in housing prices in 2018 in GTA, we were expecting to sell our home with over than 60 days. But Omid and his team, with their hard work and strong connections, sold our home in Aurora for a very good price only within 2 days after Listing. We are really happy, first of all, that we got to know OMO team and Mr. Mostafavi. Secondly, our home was sold at the best possible price in the shortest time. That's why we strongly recommend them to our friends Vida and Raha

Vida& Raha


I would like to thank Omid and his Team (OMO Team) for all of the work he and his team did for buying our property. Early morning texting, late-night phone calls, and emails; always positive and always cheerful. Omid is a terrific gentleman. If ever again we are in need of an agent up in Hamilton or know of someone that is looking for a good agent and company, we would definitely suggest this person and his team (OMO). Shahrouz Khabiri

Shahrouz Khabiri

Highly recommended

Omid is intelligent, professional approach, expertise, patience and honest , He has all things that everybody needs to have a successful investment.Highly recommended! Maryam Omidvar Clinical & Health Research, Genetic Epidemiology University Health Network • Erasmus University Rotterdam

Dr. Maryam Omidvar

Thank you for selling our property

من با اینجنت ها و فروشنده های زیادی برخورد داشته ام، تجربه ما با آقای مصطفوی یک نتیجه فوق العاده بود، با توجه به رکود بازار و سیر نزولی قیمت مسکن در سال 2018 در تورونتو انتظار می رفت که خانه ما هم با زمان بیشتری به فروش برسد، لیکن ایشان و تیم همراهشان با تلاش، خوش قولی و ارتباطات قوی که داشتند تنها در مدت 2 روز خانه ما را در آرورا به قیمت بسیار خوب فروختند ما واقعا خوشحالیم، اول از اینکه با تیم ایشان آشنا شدیم دوم اینکه خانه ما در کوتاهترین زمان با بهترین قیمت ممکن بازار فروخته شد . برای همین ما به دوستانمان هم قویا ییشنهاد می کنیم میثم طاهری



I was lucky to find him (omid mostafavi) in, North York, Toronto When I immigrated to Canada, He is a very active, supportive and helpful Real estate agent. I strongly recommend him Mehrdad Gholami Environmental Analytical Chemist, Spectroscopy & Micro/Nano Sensors Azad University • Middle East Technical University

Dr. Mehrdad Gholami

From a happy seller

Hi Dear Omid Mostafavi I am writing to say our special thanks to you for selling our property in North York ,we are really happy of your work which gave a good result soon . You work hard with no complaint.Always positive.very expert in your job and effective. Always available.very responsible. Thank you Anahita Khadivi November 2015

Anahita Khadivi

Client review

Omid is a great agent he helped me out to get my awesome house, he fights aggressively to get the deal closed I recommend him for any sale or buying or rent. Best of luck

Yamin Mohamad

Thank you

Dear Omid Mostafavi, Thank you for the fantastic job that you did helping us to buy a house. Mr Mostafavi and his team were incredible. From starting until closing the deal. his sensitivity to our needs and your willingness to do anything and everything that had to be done was amazing. And he always did it with a smile and positive energy. It was a big job and we literally could not have done it without him. Moreover, He leased our house less than a week because of strong networking, this is the second job we have done together and we will use OMO team service again. Awesome, Thank you again! I would absolutely recommend Omid Mostafavi, and OMO Team to any friends or investors who are preparing to buy his Ideal Home or sell. He knows what you are looking for, without wasting any time he shows the exact location and house that you are thinking about it. He knows the market and local owners, he usually has lots of inventory ready to sell. He found my ideal house S. Shang

Sophia Shang


Omid was a great person to deal with. He was very thorough and accommodating. He was able to sell our house with little inconvenience and also did a great job on our purchase. Read less George Choo Chong, February 2021

George Choo Chong,
O   M
Omid Mostafavi
Omid Mostafavi
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